Hemingray 42


Hemingray Glass Company introduced the 42 in 1921 and its quickly became a standard for teleacom and railroad companies.   It is a commonly found insulator, but it is the most requested glass insulator to be used in our lighting.  The pictured insulator has a smooth base making it a rare find and is available for purchase. 

Hemingray 42 Details

  • Manucacturer:  Hemingray Glass Company
  • Consolidated Design Number (CD):  154
  • Trade Name: Double Petticoat
  • Service Dates:  1921 - 1950's
  • Service Purpose:  Telegraphic
  • Size:  3 5/8" W x 4 1/8" H
  • Weight:  1 . 5 Pounds
  • Common Glass Colors:  Hemingray Blue, Aqua Blue, Ice Blue, Ice Green, Clear
  • Uncommon and Rare Glass Colors:  7-Up Green, Carnival Glass, White Milkglass 
  • Drip Points:  Round, Sharp, Smooth