DIY Glass Insulator Light Kits  - Available In Canada 

We Made DIY Glass Insulator Pendant Lights Simple!  All the right parts with a step by step guide in one kit and we now ship kits to the US and Canada. 

Glass Insulator Light Parts Kit - (Lamp Parts Only). This kit is intended for customers that want to build pendant lights out of their own insulators and have the equipment to drill glass. We do offer Pre-Drilled Insulators. 

Glass Insulator Lights DIY Kit Includes: 

All NEW UL Listed Glass Insulator Light Parts. 

• 1 Porcelain E12 High Heat Light Socket 110V. (This is the best socket for Insulator Lights) 

• 2 Strain Reliefs - 1 Strain Relief with set screw to keep the insulator from slipping and 1 Ceiling Canopy Strain Relief to add additional support and safety. •Pre-Cut Threaded Lamp Pipe - Includes 2 different sizes. Every insulator is different, and the thickness of the glass varies. We provide two different sizes to accommodate the thickness of your insulators. If one is to long/short use the other size. Simple! 

• Lock Nut - Supports socket and insulator and looks great. • Lamp Nuts - 2 Included • Washers - 2 Included 

• Lamp Pipe Bushings - 2 Included, Protects wire inside lamp pipe. 

• Cloth Covered Wire - Vintage Style, 48 inches, Black Twisted 

• Step by Step Guide (Download Included) 

LED 360 For Glass Insulator Lights™  

Get your DIY Insulator Light Kit with our LED Bulb. They are the perfect size for insulator lights, produce the lightest and their low heat makes them the safest bulb to use.   

Everything you need for your Glass Insulator Project we stock!