Hemingray 9 Glass Insulator

The Hemingray 9 Glass Insulator was first produced starting in 1890 for rural telephone service.  Manufacturing glass defects were very common making many # 9 insulators unique and display the true characteristics of antique glass. Defects often found are amber swirls, jade swirls, black streaks, and small bubbles.    

Hemingray 9 Details: 

  • Manufacture: Hemingray Glass Company 
  • Consolidated Design Number (CD):  106 
  • Trade Name: Pony 
  • Service Dates:  1890 – 1940’s 
  • Service Purpose:  Rural Telephone Lines 
  • Size:  3 1/2" H x 2 1/4" W 
  • Common Glass Color: Clear, Light Smoke, Straw, Blue Green, Aqua, Hemingray Blue, Green Aqua, Ice Blue 
  • Uncommon and Rare Glass Color: Seven Up Green, Lime Green, Jade Milk Glass, Purple 
  • Drip Points:  Round, Sharp, Smooth 

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We use the Hemingray 9 for our Glass Insulator Salt and Pepper Shakers and Glass Insulator Bird Feeders.  

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